Pixio PX277h 1440p AdaptiveSync HDR

Just ordered the Pixio PX277h and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. It has adaptive sync and HDR but doesn’t support the Freesync2 label.

Pixio 277h

It’s listed to have freesync 2 on the pixio website. Also if you go down that page and open up the specification pdf it states that the monitor has freesync 2 there as well. Do you mind posting your thoughts on the monitor after you’ve spent some time with it? I’ve been looking into grabbing this monitor myself and it seems like a great buy especially since the non-hdr version of this monitor got great reviews.

I will add some updates in the future. Still waiting on delivery as it should be here around mid July. Just hopping my Sapphire RX580 SE can fully test it capabilities.

As for the Freesync 2 label, I found it a bit confusing as to whether or not it actually passed the standards for that.

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Well I have had this monitor for a few weeks now and I am so far really happy with it. I tried the HDR mode in windows 10 but did not care for it. Mainly because windows 10 HDR sucks and secondary the refresh rate is limited when in HDR enabled.

I have not had any of the issues with black screens that some have noted in amazon comments but its difficult to differentiate what monitor they are talking about as they are all grouped together for Pixio. Also the power cable for mine has its own power brick. My guess is when pixio put it in the monitor they had heat issues.

This is my first IPS grade monitor and first time on 1440p so I don’t have any way to compare to other monitors.

The only problem I have had when booting into either windows or Linux that while using this monitors display port connection the resolution will default to 720p and I have to power cycle the monitor for it to work again. But this has only happened a few times.

That’s interesting, could you do a test for me?
Darken your room as much as you can (best would be completely dark), make your background a solid color: black, have nothing open and pls tell me if you see light spots coming from any of the edges that spread (light bleed).
As I’m still searching for that one good 2560x1440 IPS 144FPS 27" without integrated PSU that would help me immensely.

I will test that tonight.