Is this a legit website function or is it a particularly heinous ad?

It looks out of place and it's in the ad spot so I want to make sure... 

Its legit.


Yes, it's legit. We put a donation box there in place of the ads.

Is the $642.08 (as of this comment) the amount that has been donated since the box was placed? If so that's a lot of money to be made in a couple of days.


I like it, especially when compared to ads. And hey rather than stare at ads I can think how close they are to their goal and how much I want to donate.


Oh wow I didn't even notice that was there, time to start donating 

I will say I would rather Zweihander II or a T shirt (you are out of stock) over straight up donating. I will pay more like in humblebundle or bandcamp but I like to get something and feel good about buying it vs. "Hopefully that money helps..." Zweihander is a much more satisfying sense of accomplishment.