Pistol: Is it normal that i get turn on by your limbs?

Whenever i see Pistol's hands during an unboxing or something, i get massive boner, isnt that weird?



p/s: No judge pls 


 mod edit: obvious bait is obvious

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i said no judge


IDK man, i am not judging, but I don't think this is normal. Unless hand models are your thing...otherwise +1 to "The Fuck?" 

You guys made me sad :(

I think this was something you should of just kept to yourself...by asking us not to judge in the OP, you had to know that we would react in ways that would be...unfavorable too your rather unsettling announcement which is unconventional at best. 


Grow up and stop with this kind of immature behaviour!

I vote to lock this weird thread.

I say this is a fair thread, there's no reason for spiderman though. albeit not my thing the title should atleast have proper grammar.

Jesus God what have I stumbled across?...