[Pistol] Gaming/Typing with Medium Nails

Hi all,

I'm feeling awkward about asking because of fear of people in general since I'm, let's say, "new to being a female gamer" (emphasis on female, not gamer). I've never had medium-long nails before and it's severally hindering my typing speed and accuracy on all devices, but I really like having nice nails. Do you have any suggestions or tips besides practice?

PS: Wendell, can anything be done about optimizing the forum for mobile? On my Galaxy S5 in portrait mode, all responses roll over into the black background and become half unreadable.

Thanks all!

its basicly just a matter of practise.

You will get used to it very quickly.

At first it will be a bit awkward, but you'll get used to it. While I am male often in the summer I used to not cut my nails for months, it'll take some practice but you'll learn how to position your fingers so it doesn't matter. 

It also depends a bit on what kind of nails you have. real or fake (Acrylic or Gel).

I personaly have real nails, so that gives me better feeling. I did had fake in the past, but they are realy awkward.

Breaking your nails sucks, but i´m sure it will happen to you a few times. Just a matter of getting used to it. lol ☺

Thanks guys :)

I have real nails for now, but they're getting pretty long. I just haven't ever had nails that weren't always cut, so having them like this all the time now is a change I'm having to get used to. I have a full-time job where I feel like I have to hide myself, so acrylic would be extra weird on the already weird quiet guy.

yeah acrylic would indeed a bit weird if you are a guy.

I´m a girl and i allways had long nails since i was little. So i´m basicly grew up with it. But believe me, even i break a nail somethimes, and thats frustrating.

But you will get used to it. ☺

I have been told that typing on an IBM model M because of the tall keys and spacing between the keys is really quite excellent.


as a male with small nails how do you wipe your bum with long nails?

Yes thats true.

Model M´s where indeed great. I currently have a Logitech keyboard which is non mechanical, and its horrible.

Keyboards with mechanical keys, with space inbetween, is definitely something to recommend. Corsair K70 might also be a good choice, with the cherry mx switches you personaly like.

I would assume very carefully.

If you really want to know: watch?v=Raitma28dRA (possibly disturbing) (that's part of a youtube link)

cant talk about the nails. BUT about the forum, i am working on an app for android. not perfect right now as i am still hammering out kinks but its in progress

Not being offensive here but what your saying is you're trans? Or am I getting that wrong?

For typing I would suggest typing with a flatter style and not really the tips of your fingers. Hope all goes well :D

so much effort for something so unnecessary