Pistol and NSA

Would Pistol be able to do any reviews about products that Tek Syndicate gets?

Also Logan what do you think about Snowden's lawyer? Is he speaking the truth about Snowden landing a job on Russian website? Do they want NSA to respond to it or is Snowden living his life?


I feel pistol can, seeing she does with with TekSyndicate.

As for the snowden bit, I did do some research on that and it seems very legit

Pistol is the official hand model for the review videos at the moment

I thought those were logan's hands...


Pistol has done reviews in the past on some of the peripherals that she uses. The only one I can remember at the moment is the Logitech G600 review.

Logan generally has a better voice than I do. I'm somewhat monotone and tend to trip over my words during voice overs because I'm not used to it. So, for ease of editing sake and to prevent the viewers from falling asleep, Logan does it. If I have used the product in question, then I will give him pointers and things to mention.

I know how you feel on all of the messing up on words. With me having Asperger Syndrome, my thought process really gets screwed up a lot.

bwhahaha, "My God what beautiful hands this man has..."



 <p> I think that Wendell has a nice voice and it's easy to listen for it. Also I see that Linus Sebastian has a good way to keep viewers awake. He speaks quite loud at the start and lowers his voice repeatedly and then again starts to speak louder. Anyway I really like Pistol being the handmodel for reviews because it's funny when Logan is speaking at the same time. haha.


Best if this thread is in the inbox.exe forum. Sounds legit.