I live in ohio where the only internet providers are att and timewarner. I am very pissed with timewarner but I don't want to use att due to crappy service. What can I do. The reason I am pissed with timewarner is because they injected their 'friendly' message. 

hopefully this will work for you. http://goo.gl/tzPdOW

What can I do who can I go to for better shit.

...Pay your bill?

its telling you to pay your bill like he said

either way they shouldn't be injecting this bullshit into anything. it's on it's way too. If they want to bug someone they can do it the old fashioned way call them. while I disconnect my phone. :)

You are pissed because they are telling you to pay your bill? And may i ask why they should not beable to tell you when you go online?

That's stupid. Pay your bill and stop complaining. They aren't "Injecting" anything. they're re-routing you from their hub.

I'm gonna reroute my cash flow if they keep it up they won't get squat. i'm asking for a better isp other than google obv because they aren't out here yet once they are i'm with them for life.

If they inject this message when you didn't pay the bill for this month, they are doing nothing wrong and you are being an idiot. 

if you gave someone something for money, and they didn't pony up, wouldn't you tell them to give you your fucking money