Pirating PC games

This topic really gets under my skin due to the fact it gives the rest of the PC gaming community a bad name. Here's a quote from somebody on Youtube trying to justify there Pirating of Skyrim. "I pirated Skyrim on PC because I already bought it on Xbox 360 and didn't want to buy it again." This kind of attitude really annoy's and the problem is made worse by the fact 48 people liked that comment...

What are you opinion's on "Piracy"?

how i view it... if i buy media, it doesnt matter how its distributed. i own it.

that is why when i buy a cd, its legal for me to download the songs as mp3's...


if i buy a game for one platform, assuming its exactly the same content, you should be able to download it for ps as well. i dont think piracy is a valid reason to be a pc gamer. then again i dont think games should cost more than the ram i have in my system.

I would argue with Skyrim with modding can add 100's of hours of extra gameplay and it only costs $30. On top of that you could sell the Xbox version for some $ towards that.

Although I can see your point. I like to think buying the game help's towards the development of the next ultimately making the next game even better. Although that sounds a lot like a religous person's view on life >.<

I believe its okay if you if you just test it out as a demo if you want to shell out 60 for it, or if you have the intent of paying for it when you get the money for it for some one like myself I'm going to pay for a lot of things when my game is published

the developers dont get much... most of it goes towards distribution. but i agree.... its good to support the developers.

it comes down to what your buying, a phisical disk, or the data its self (all the textures, models, ect..) i like to think its the second.

Ahh, piracy... It's really hard to justify simply pirating a game but, like ztrain said, if you already paid once for it, even if on a different system, why should you pay again?
I'm not so sure I agree with gigabusterEXE, at least not in practise. If I pirate a game with only the intention of trying it, I think I'd be tempted to just play through the game and never actually buy it.

I had a bunch of retail CD's in my car and then I crashed it. The CD's were lost, but I already paid for them. Legally, if I want to listen to the music again I'd have to buy them all again. Which I decided wasn't really fair, so I continue to listen to the backups I have on my PC.
And if I please, I'll copy those backups to my MP3 player / phone so I can listen to it outside the comfort of my home.

I fully endorse supporting the developers, artist, whatever, but only within reason.

also, if i buy music... its though something like bandcamp... or i will just pirate the music, contact the artest and explain that i would rather donate the album price to them (then just paypal the money to em)

I'm somewhat of a pirate,but never with games. Only one exeption comes to mind. I recentley built a new gaming compuet and really wanted to play Deus Ex Human Revolution. I downloaden it and it works perfectly. Normally I'd feel like an asshole for pirating a lovely game, but I already bought the game +the DLC for the XBox the day they both came out. So I figured, meh, I already payed for the license so Im not spending any more money just to play the game on a different platform.