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Piracy, Media distribution and potential solutions


There definitely needs to be reform, the birthday song being the most rediculous example, I would be in favor of a “use it or lose it” type of deal but maybe beyond 20 years or so.


Oh man, I can’t tell you how accurate this is.

Well, this and actually having access to it. The netflix smart TV apps suck, same with HBO, Hulu, etc… The only solution that really does it for me is Plex, and for that, you need a media server of your own.


You mean the one that was shot down?


Holy shit that’s news to me


Honestly these sorts of things garner a lot more attention and spread like crazy when people think they actually work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


that is amazing that the birthday song shenanigans is finally over. now if we could get just get fair use rights for more things it would be even better.( current DMCA makes fair rights use a joke we have them but we dont. )


the only way i would pay for non game media is, if it is offered without drm as a full download in top quality. (assuming i would have the money)
basically like is for games, and i bet a lot from here gladly pay for indie games, that would give the same experience as free torrent.

so if this is offered for movies/series/music sure, and it already partially is, music as download with a donation option is what friends of mine do and holds a few movies, although in quite bad quality, but i think that’s the best quality available for what they sell.

but yeah, paying for a streaming prison, that can be shut down/edited etc… is definitely not for me and tracks who u are, what u bought etc… i gotta say no.
it would be the amazon swindle all over again:
also “torrents have all but died out”
don’t make me have nightmares!
i’m still praying here for webtorrent to make it possible for someone to take over youtube like bitchute.


What if content distributors utilised P2P technology?

Something along the lines of the more you seed the content, the cheaper your subscription is.

Surely this would decrease the overheads for the distributor?


Hmm, interesting. Like paid access to the tracker?

You’d get the same shit like though. Upload would become more valuable than water in the sahara.


Yeah, paid access to the tracker could work.

I’m not familiar with Perhaps they would have to limit the amount of discount users could receive from seeding?

I suppose the big disadvantage would be potentially inconsistent service, which could put customers off.

I’m sure with a good bit of engineering though it would be a feasible solution.

#51 was a private music tracker, got shut down last year. I can’t confirm my status on there, but I have it on good authority that you essentially needed to pay for a seedbox in a datacenter in order to get upload on that site.

Limiting the discount would be good. Might even make the theory doable.

Nah, trust me, private trackers are much better than public. You might not always be able to get your full download speed, but the content was always there. Also, the idea is to have the torrent swarm be a supplement to the web seed (which may be capped at 250kbps or something)


I recently had a problem with my Ubisoft account and they sent me to customer support hell for 3 weeks.
All I needed to do was change the email and password on my Uplay account.
I can log in by browser but not the Uplay launcher.
The website link was broken and It wouldn’t let me change it myself.

They said no problem.
Then the stuck me in an endless loop of prove you have this account by sending us documentation.
I sent it exactly as requested.
Then they ask for something else, and I send it.
After making the process so difficult most people would have given up,
they finally agree to do what they said was no problem 3 weeks ago.

Then the Uplay launcher asked for 2 Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator.
Another roadblock.
The website says to do this, you will need 2FA, which I can’t do.
Now I am in another loop with tech support customer service.

I got fed up and cracked the game I paid $60 for 3 years ago.
I lost my 3 year old save file and had to start over.

UBISOFT has draconian DRM and I will never purchase another Ubisoft product.
No matter how good it is.