PipeWire - Is Gnome throwing out PulseAudio?

Was watching through some low-level Linux threads trying to ascertain why Wayland doesn’t quite support RDP (in short, it’s because every Wayland compositor must implement RDP on their own; hopefully this particular functionality will be moved to a standard library soon).

I stumbled upon PipeWire, a young and promising project that started as a way to allow multiple applications to share the same video stream.

However, since video also implicitly include Audio, it seems like Pipewire is about to replace PulseAudio with a smooth-as-butter, no-nonsense, low-latency sound server. Any input on this? I think it sounds like a terrific idea personally but interested if there are any other people having an opinion on this.

The most appealing part of this seems to be non-hassle free low latency Audio, which can only be a good thing for gaming. Not sure though. Here is the project website if anyone cares. Expect alpha quality. https://pipewire.org/


The one and only thing I can add to this is that Firefox relays on PA.
PA is a curse but I like Firefox as my main web browser.

From what I gather many applications do not use the native PulseAudio APIs, but rather move through gStreamer or the Jack APIs, so chances are FF works regardless.

Goddamn that’s great news, PA really needs to go. Hope that the project really takes off. I have the notion that PA is hurting software related to music production and sound design. Latency really hurts there.

Fedora is working on it I believe. Might be in Fedora 29.

Fedora is getting it working with FF as well. It should be fine when done.

Lots of people have that notion, but at a high level jack/pipewire/pulseaudio are all similar, they’re all just a series of buffers and callbacks.

It’s sad that pipewire authors found it easier to write a new thing and move the world to use it than to fix pulseaudio to use zero copies and support whatever it needs.

Its easier to to build something new than to fix what is broken.

Exactly (which doesn’t mean that’s how it should be done, since library churn and user migration does not come with zero cost)

From my understanding, pipewire was created to solve the underlying problem of poor security for video streams used by FlatPaks and similar.

PulseAudio apparently had a fatal flaw there. No expert on the subject though. Maybe something for the Youtube channel to explore later on?