Pinkfriday core i7 deal to buy or not?

Those deals are freaking crazy and i want a core i7 the intel mother board sucks but i dont care the only thing is that is not wanting me to buy it is the ddr3 ram and the bios i dont know what the bios is going to be like for core i7 i am a little scared and do i have to reformat my hdd and reinstall windows? Which ddr3 ram to buy? im thinking of just upgrading psu and getting a 9800gtx+ but i want that core i7... HELP thanks

Don't buy it.

do you have a reason?

only the cpu, the intel mobo is garbage. go get a exga x58 or just don't waste your money and go strong ddr2 setup because 4gb 1066mhz $50?

lol 3-6gb of ddr3 tri channel ram is gonna set you back $150-300, so it depends on your budget.

If I'm not mistaken, the socket type will change in a year or so. So that brand new 1336 socket will be useless soon. So why don't you just wait for a year or so until the socket type changes.

What kind of CPU/mobo are you working with right now?

i cant get ddr2 its only ddr3 kokun and i might b on sale im gunna go for some gskill 3gb of gskill skill $120

my current setup is an itnel core 2 duo e4300 1.8ghz with s shitty asus p5vd2mxse cant overclock and 8600gt

DDR3 won't go on sale.

fuck you tiger direct ofcoure they put the cpu and mobo but not the fucking ram

Why don't you just save your money and get that 9800 gtx+...Honestly, what's the point in getting a top of the line CPU when your GPU limits the graphical fidelity of your games.

lol that's still expensive.. 4gb dominator for $50, get that and some decent asus/gigabyte/evga mobo and a decent cpu. it'll still last you for a long time to come. your gpu is the only thing that'll be constantly upgraded anyway.

A E7200 will suit me perfectly. With a 9800 GTX+ and a 22". But sad that my GTX+ won't be signed by frank.

well yah i was going to upgrade the gpu later on but whats better here going for a cpu board ram or gpu psu?

I'm sure he'll sign it for a firewire cable

psu? wtf, why?

GPU PSU...I'd wait until the core-i7 socket changes.

i need a psu (POWER SUPPLY UNIT) lol because mine currently cant i believe

if you have a fucking 300w psu. go kill urself.

lol its says 600 watt on my psu but i doubt it

600 watt is fine man...just get a better GPU...get the GTX260 core or something like that...If you have an e8400 and a decent mobo then why spend all this money?