Pinephone "Braveheart" Edition Available

Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere, but on my regular checking of the Pine64 Site for updates on the pinephone, i just realized, it’s available Link

It’s early adopter and i’m not 100% sure what the state of it will be when recieved hardware wise, but it’s certainly in time for the holidays and at 149 i’m tempted to get myself one for christmas.

It also says “Limited Edition”, so while currently in stock, i’m not sure how many there will be. Man am i hyped to get my hands on something that even loosely represents a linux smartphone. It’ll be great!


This seems like a really fair price to pay for “voting with my wallet” for a Linux phone.


Yes indeed. And so many customer friendly features. Removable Battery, microSD, headphone jack… glad they went with USB-C and support USB-PD for charging. 2G of RAM seem decent for a Linux based device too and i’m totally fine with 720p at those sizes.


Oh thank fuck someone finally got back to sane screen resolutions for phones. My note 2 was 720p and it looked great while letting the battery live for way longer. Not annoyed by the 1080p screen in my note 3 but wow this madness of beyond 4k in a phone is just beyond stupid, while also loading bigger batteries and more power hungry hardware on top it is no wonder batteries are worn out so quickly.


Ill wait for their 2nd iteration. Their original pinebook was like this upcoming pinephone in that this is a essentially a test/product, not really a daily driver. Ill wait for whatever is analogous to their pinebook pro: something that is actually a daily driver worthy.

The flip side is I dont know if they will make a pinephone pro if not enough people buy their pinephone

I guess that’s the point really. For me, at 150 bucks it’s affordable enough to use it as a “Please make more of this” Incentive.
I’d also really enjoy finally getting into QT Application development. Plasma Mobile and this phone might be enough to finally start with that and maybe help bring an app or two allong to make Linux a viable smartphone platform.

If you want to actually use this thing and don’t want to carry two phones all the time, it certainly isn’t for you. I’m pretty sure there’ll be enough people buying it to tinker with.

For me, i’m not sure i’d even want a “Pinephone Pro”. I’m really happy with their choices in terms of hardware. Higher Res screens, more RAM and a faster SOC would all increase Powerdraw and i feel like Linux can be made to work on this lower end hardware really well. But we’ll see how software comes along in the following months.

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I have been waiting on this myself… mmm

Thanks for the update @domsch1988, it is greatly appreciated!

I know I left $150 around here somewhere…

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Yeah i just moved into a new home and need a new Kitchen. So i can’t splurge the 150 easily. It’s passed on to relatives as a wish for christmas. So here’s me hoping that there are some left by the end of december. I’m getting one then either way. Either as a Present or i’ll pay for it myself then. Not sure how “limited” the limited edition is.

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Do I buy my wife the smart watch she wanted or buy myself this… uuuugggggggghhhh

Do we know where this is manufactured? I’m fairly confident this is built in Shenzhen, which wouldn’t normally be an issue, but lately I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and stop supporting china’s imperialism.


Happy wife, happy life.

Looks chinese to me
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That’s what I thought.

It’s early adopter and i’m not 100% sure what the state of it will be when recieved hardware wise

All PINE devices are “early adopter” status. It’s kind of their business model. They work with the community to figure out the hardware specs, and leave the software to the community.

A simplistic point of view, often offered up and referenced online, is that ‘PINE64 does hardware while the community does the software’. While this depiction is not inaccurate, it is also a gross oversimplification.


They’re active, and most stuff works, but this isn’t intended to be a mass market device. Not now, and not the “final release” either.

Compared to the Librem 5, Pinephone has more binary blobs in the firmware but is about a quarter of the cost.

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Cheap parts and slave labor essentially is why it’s $150.


I’m honestly okay with binary blobs as long as I can be relatively sure they’re not doing anything nefarious. I honestly trust companies and their proprietary software a lot more than other people in the FOSS circles. I just don’t support the idea that 100% of companies are bad 100% of the time.

Yeah, that’s the unfortunate thing. I’m not sure if I want to get behind that.

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Not to deraill this but I really have to ask… Are you just not going to buy any tech any more? China is kind of unavoidable. What phone do you hvae now?

This is what I’m struggling with. There’s a lot of stuff that’s made 90% in Korea/Taiwan/Japan.

I distinguish Taiwan and HK as separate from China.

I agree that it’s difficult to not buy stuff that’s got something from China.

For example, I’ve got a oneplus 7. Region of Origin: Shenzhen, China. Not buying them anymore. I guess I’m going back to Samsung.