Piledriver vs k10


A very interesting article.

Maybe its just me but is tomshardware becoming less anti amd these days?

Yes they do seem less anti amd in the cpu segment.

But in the gpu segment i dont trust them. I like to use www.techpowerup.com for gpu benches.

I don't like their testing motherboards though. They chose the worst example of 990FX and A85X chipset equipped motherboards on the market. It seems like they know they are testing on inferior parts, or are pandering to a certain motherboard manufacturer because they were paid to use the product.

Wow, that must of been painful for those guys. Personally i just think they are sniffing the wind ( so to speak ).

I don't trust any reviews to be honest, because all of them exclude most important factor for consumers, and even FLAC using now can't measure that.

Also that drop to 35 FPS with overclocked FX-43xx (while non overclocket is at 51 or something) just shows that Operating system isn't configured properly, that is impossible to happen = frame rate drop without reason.