Piece of crap computer probs

What's the issue?

it didnt save the text... But it Messes up the display and causes the Screen (Theres 1 its a laptop) To Split in half and Put one half on the wrong side.. And it flashes alot of random stuff.

What graphics drivers do you have installed?

The latest ones i believe because it automaticaly Downloads them. This only happens like once a month but i does it at horrible moments and makes me pissed off.

Can you resort to an earlier installation of Windows?

Also, Nvidia, ATI, or Intel drivers?

Well its a Amd A6-3400M so i think that would be ATI. No i cant go back to earlier Windows... it did it ever since i got this computer.

That seem a huge problem.Gadgets ,electronics stuff are always been a problem,In Finland country one of the common problem of many people is akkuja or battery because we all know that most of our battery are only lasting an hour which is such.I hope that you can fix your computer.Good luck.

Is that a monitor or a tv? If its a tv try changing the phase settings within Catalyst.