Pictures folder stuck

I just got a secondary hard drive and I tried changing the location of my picture folder to the new hard drive, so I right clicked, went to location and selected drive D, and placed it in the root folder . I am now unable to move it back to its default location on my C drive. The pictures folder is now acting as my entire D drive. When I open my pictures folder it displays the contents of my D drive. I would greatly enjoy my pictures folder to be back in its normal place and not attached to my secondary drive.
Here are some screen caps:
Hopefully I have provided enough info, if not just ask.

Hit the restore default button under the location tab. Select No when it asks you to copy over everything. Let it recreate the picture folder on you c drive. Manually copy all your pictures from your D drive by just dragging and dropping them over to your Pictuers folder. You were basically telling it to copy your entire D drive to your C drive. If you want to do it again, create a pictures folder on your D drive and change the target to D:\Pictuers, not D:\