Picking up "gaming" again.. Need games

Soo I havnt been gaming AT ALL the past months...
And figured i'd like to get a bit up to date again and prepared for the harsh winter (lol).

So name some good "NEW" games, and I'll buy it if it seems worth it or just download it.............................. :]]

And yes, Indie games are win name those too.

Both singelplayer and online games.


Btw, WAS gonna have a hl2 marathon this weekend, buuut it kinda got lost in all the Full Metal Alchemist watching lol

Mass Effect 1&2
Indigo Prophecy (<- Or Fahrenheit in your area)
League of Legends (<- Free)
Need for Speed World (<- Free)
Beyond Good and Evil
Osu (<- Free)
Full Throttle
Monster Hunter (<- Forgot to mention, this is actually a PS2 game)
Metro 2033

I'll look into some of them

Mass Effect - never tried, guess It's about time I try this hyped game.
League of Legend - tried, didnt like
Need for speed world - Hmm never heard of, but I like car games, so gonna try it.
Beyond good and evil - Isnt that an old ps2 game? tried it before, its ok.
Osu - never heard of, will look into it
Borderlands - finished twice with a friend
Full throttle - will look into it : ]
Monster Hunter - wooah used to nerd that shit in my psp and ps2 days : 3
Metro 2033 - downloading tonight. (yeah im a poor ass)

Metro 2033
Splinter cell conviction

Company of Heroes - Tales of Valor.
Do it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Halo: Reach, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. No but seriously, Cryostasis. I just got it during the sale and I'm loving it. ( Even if you didn't get it on sale it's like 13 bucks)

I was about to hit you.

Woah. troll.

Well.. I played mw2 nonstop for like 3-4 months.. now I think it shit.

Fahrenheit gets my vote. One of the better games I've played in my life that's been plagued with shitty publishers. Takes a bit of work to play though; requires you to be on XP or a proper release on Vista/7. Easier method would to just run VM and play it there.

Seems interesting, but might be a little "slow"... might try it out someday