Picking out an HGST HDD

Hey guys I have a non-UEFI bios and looking for a good recommendation for an HGST hard drive for gaming. Thanks!!

What's wrong with the HGST drive? Too small, too slow or failure?

Also what size drive are you looking for and how much are you looking to spend?

ehm just pick one i guess?

Nothings wrong, I was looking to get one. 2TB is the limit for MBR partitions. And not really gonna limit my budget for 2TB drives.

So there's no real noticeable performance difference in any of them? They'll all the same in practice?

Probably best to avoid Seagate.

Hence why you're the first one to even type that word on this thread.. I'm looking at HGST's here dude. Probably going with an Ultrastar 7K3000 2TB for $65.

Oh I see! I thought you were replacing a HGST drive.

Well yeah a HGST should work fine although they are louder than other drives in my experience.

Any reason why you would even use MBR?

i think most of them are roughly the same, just pick the prevered size you need.