Picking a Router

I am very new to routers and compared to the users of this forum, new to computers in general. Right now I am renting a router from my ISP (I know what your thinking, I’m trying to rectify this problem). I would like my next router to have great security, WPA3 and be under $300. I’d also like to have the option to only allow admin access from a hardline and only from a specific computer. Does anyone have any recommendations on routers that fit these criteria? Thank you for your time.

You didn’t mention the number of network ports you need and “great security” is vague to say the least :wink:

Based on your other criteria, have a look at the ASUS RT-AX82U and TP-Link Archer AX20 AX1800. Both have WPA3 and should retail under 300 bucks.

Is that even out yet? Turns out it is out, ignore me.

PFSense (or OpenSense) can do Router, and to a degree “Switch”, not WiFi in any shape or form.

Thank you! Do you know if they would allow me to only allow admin access through a hardline?

I had an Asus RT-AC66U which had that feature. Not sure if the model Dutch_Master mentioned has it also, but seems likely. If there’s a manual online for it you could probably look it up.

Do you remember what they called the feature? Like the official name of it. If I new the official name I could search for it on not only Asus routers but any I came across.

Not exactly, and the router took up residence in the spare parts bin a while ago, so I’d have to look it up online also. Disable admin over wifi, maybe? Something like that.

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Thank you for your help, I’ve looked a little for it, so far no luck, if you remember, lmk

Here’s some manuals: