Picking a Gpu

Ok so I have narrowed it down to the his ice q 7870, sapphire 7870, evga gtx 660, Asus 660,or msi 660. The reason I brought these up is that they are all around the same price right now about 220 what do you all think would be ge best route? Ps I have a scout 2 which can hold a 11.3 inch card with ye cage which id rather keep on but can hold all these cards

go with either one of the 7870 i don't know which one, but the 7870 competes with the 660ti so it will pwn the 660, and this is coming from a nvidia fanboy....

Ok there is a clock difference between these two would it make a difference and does sapphire make quality nice parts

I can vouch for the 7870's. I got a MSI R7870 Twin Frozer III Ghz Edition in my secondary rig. It's a beast.


While I love NVIDIA, I would go with the 7870. They are great out of the box and seem to overclock nicely.


Thanks for the reply's so would the sapphire 7870 be a good choice or should I go for the his. . Edit: there is also an msi non twin frozer tho

Go for the IceQ. Nice cooler on them = good overclocking.