Picking a CPU

Keep in mind 5820K will destroy the Xeon in rendering and editing and stuff...
Good luck and glad we could help...

Oh i know but i came in here ready to spend up to 450$ to upgrade but now am looking at, at least 650$ am greedy gotta have 16gb of ram :D

$320 cpu, $100 ram, 150$ mobo... 570$ everything...

well yea that's the flat price but you know tax and all that jazz i like to overestimate just in case

if you do allot of video editing and rendering, and you can afford the 5820K setup.
then its definitely a no brainer.

On second thoughts, looking at your profile, you have a 270X?
I'd go with a 1231v3, a cheap H97 board and a better GPU in that case unless you're really not that into gaming.
You can grab those and a 390 for $630.


In Sony Vegas, this 270X is accelerating the rendering as well as 980 or something... And since adobe's stuff support openCL as well as CUDA, this 270X is quite OK... After all, the main weight of the rendering and stuff falls on the CPU's shoulders anyway... Photoshop relies entirely on the CPU for example...

Thats a possibility to i've noticed that i cant reach 60fps in most games anymore some areas in games i drop below 25fps

Erm, that's probably your GPU holding you back. Upgrading your GPU to something like a fury probably wouldn't be great either because then your current CPU'll hold you back. Solution: do both. That mobo, 1231v3 and 390 should do good.

It mainly depends on what you want to do more...
Gaming - @SpaceCat is correct... The Xeon with 390 will wipe the floor with 5820K and 270X...
Rendering and editing, etc. - Don't bother... 5820K will boost you to high heavens...

SO mad I live nowhere near a Microcenter.

Right? The nearest one for me is about 15 000km. And the 5820K cost here around 470$+...

Is it not worth a bus/car/train journey?

Definitely. It overclock we like a beast, compiles shit in a flash, and X99 boards have tons of added features. I like mine.

He's a 270X though. Upgrading just his CPU would be silly if he's into gaming.

I'd do what you had in mind then with the 390. I have a 7870 and gaming is starting to tax it. I should be up and running with a 280X soon though. In all honesty, if you are only gaming at 1080, the 380 would be so,etching else to consider.

THAT is a kick in the balls, I feel for you.

I may have to take my mom up on a visit to Phoenix this summer, along with a few bills so I can cruise the Microcenter for goodies.

Honestly my 4790k works great for rendering... Great for gaming. And unless you plan on rendering video all the time it doesnt make sense to get a super high end chip. It just takes a little bit longer, a little