Picking a CPU

I recently decided to look up info on cpu's since I wanted to upgrade turns out there more complicated then I thought so today I want help picking one
I need it for gaming,video and photo editing and creations
Photoshop,Vegas,after effects,krita etc.
Don't worry about it matching my motherboard am gonna change it anyways

So what's your current rig?

Are you building an entirely new rig?

A 1231v3 would be a good option if you're wanting to video edit. $240ish. It's essentially the 4790 without the iGPU.
You can also go a bit cheaper on the mobo too then because it's a locked chip, just grab a H97 board.

Do a dual 1366 build with some 5600 series cpus. Pretty cheap and pretty fast for video rendering.

You can pick up 5820K from Micro center for 320$...

No Just changing some parts like RAM CPU Mobo and Case

That's less than a 4790k? holy nutballs

Yup... I'm surprised to... But it's hell of a freaking offer...

Do You think it will help more because i was thinking about going with

Woa. That's defo worth going $20 over budget...

mind you, you'd also need to grab some DDR4 and a new mobo too. Is the $300 budget including the mobo?

Just the CPU

Well, definitely go with that 5820k. It's a hyperthreaded, overclockable hexacore for crying out loud!

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Okay :D

Will defo beat that 1230v3.
You'll need some DDR4 tho, and an X99 motherboard obviously.

whoo does motherboards wasn't expecting that XD

There are both fairly low budget motherboards and DDR4 sticks... So you may not have to go for that 600$ msi mobo with the RGB LEDs, that @Wendell did a review on...

Still the cheapest motherboard i see right now is 220$ plus the Ram is about 120$

That could work

30$ 4gig... 60$ 8 gig... Yeah... 120$ 16 gig...
Or 100$ for 16...

Thanks for the help guys pretty sure ill upgrade to the 5820k If not then ill get the 1231v3
Thanks for the help and taking the time out of your morning to help me