Picked up a Jungle N64

Picked up a Jungle N64 a few weeks back, thought it was pretty cool so I am just throwing it up here..

Got a few games with it, one snowboarding which I have no idea how to play (I was told it was the only snowboarding game on the system so that's interesting) and Quake which is just a complete pain to play but still pretty good.

There's 5 snowboarding games on the N64.

Hey I've got a Jungle N64 as well! Complete with carrying bag, rumble packs and memory expansion! It's not the most rare of the N64s, but it's a nice one.

Nice, I miss my old Green 64. It had broken since I was an angry child especially when it came to video games so I would bash my fists into it.
I end up picking up a Blue transparent N64 before Gamestop stopped offering them. Still working fine. I want to get some cable sleeving to go over the torn plastic that protects the individual wires.
Alternatively I feel like gutting it out to throw a PC in there.

@Theonewhoisdrunk That would be a interesting project, like Gigabusters SNES computer project.

@FrogE Very well, I have one of the only snowboarding games on N64

Yeah definitely. I am really interested in seeing the project when its done. I have a few consoles in mind but cannot decide as of now. I don't want anything High end and I will probably put one of the Athlon 5350s in there.

@Fouquin Very nice, I have to agree the translucent green is nice, something weird I noticed (in the UK) there seems to be more solid green controllers than the translucent green. But they had carrying bags? Damn. I had a case for the PS2 which had a little screen and allowed you to play it in the car, was pretty awesome.

@Theonewhoisdrunk I want to see someone build inside of the wood grain front Atari 2600 (the original), as you could fit some pretty powerful hardware in their, that new AMD 290 mini thing would be great for it, I have one but it still works fine so I'm not doing it to mine, even tho it's a pain when I want to use it since I have to de tune the TV every time I use it..

N64 had a bunch of carry bags and cases.


That colored translucent plastic absolutely just screams the 90's - I love it.

@Fouquin Pretty awesome

It's the only one I played and super fun. One of the characters sounds like she's called, a curry how yummy.

1080 is great. I used to play the shit out of that back in the day. It's essentially a racing game with a complex course.