Pick a beer, any beer

Alright, heading down to the local Bevmo (yea I know not fancy). But I need to try out some beers. Not a big beer guy but I'd like to explore some options.

So I'll leave it to the beer connoisseurs of the forum.

What I'd like to choose:

Pale Ale of some form (light)

Darker beer (Guinness-esk)


And a Cider

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, I'm from California (Bay Area) so there maybe some local beers that you may or may not know.

Derp link:

Edit wrong link

Best cheap cider hands down.

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Actually have tried that one. Sparkling apple juice with a kick, whats not to like.

mmmmm Stone IPA :)

My dad loves the Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter.

EDIT: I don't see any of my beverages of choice on that website.
EDIT2: Hey, they have Allagash. Get anything from them and try it (Allagash White is the most popular, followed by Curieux).

have a proper domestically produced pilsner

I love beer so much that I had to quit drinking. It's been 1100 days, so please have a few for me.

Pale Ale of some form (light): Stone Pale Ale (but if you really want something light and crisp, a good Pilsener like Prima Pils might be better)

Darker beer (Guinness-esk): Anchor Porter. It's not carbonated with Nitrogen like Guinness, but it tastes so much better.

An IPA: Hop Devil

Any other suggestions would be appreciated: Chimay Blue. So good.

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The king of Pilsners fresh from a tap. It also depends how you clean the tap and other characteristics and some pubs here in Prague achieve stellar deligh.

PS: sorry for the shitty MS paint skills.

Deschutes Obsidian Stout

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If you can find it, get a Dirty Bastard from the Founder brewery.

Best beer I've ever had.

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Alrite I'll browse what they have in stock after work today.

I'll try and get one of each type that I listed. And hopefully they have them stocked. I'll respond back with results. Thanks again fellas.

This Not-Quite Pale Ale is what I drink most often.

I'm not a fan of hoppy beer, so know that right up front.

My favorite beer of all time is Magic Hat Heart of Darkness. If you see it on the shelf grab it, because they don't produce a ton of it, and usually only do it every couple of years during the winter. It's a stout/porter (they call it a stout). I haven't had it in a few years, but if you like dark beers at all, do yourself a favor.

When I go to the beer store, I usually get a pack of kostritzer or sam smith's oatmeal stout. Both are dark and malty and fantastic. Kostritzer is lighter than Sam's, so I prefer it on a regular basis, but ever now and then I just want something heavy.

My bar beer is Real Ale's Hans Pils. I know it's a Texas brewery, so I'm not sure if it's shipped out of state. As for flavor, it's like someone looked at Stella and said "Hey, what if we just made this a little less bitter". I love it, and I don't like many yellow beers.

If you ever make it to Texas (specifically San Antonio), you should check out Broken Sandal's Fire Pit Wit. From what I can tell, it's only available on tap, and is not distributed to stores. It's a wheat beer that seems inspired by Lays BBQ potato chips. It sounds horrifying when you hear that description....and then you take a sip.....and then you end up with an $80 bar tab that was just beer. It happened to me, and I've watched it happen to multiple others over the years. They all make the same face after I describe it, then I give them a sip of mine, and they don't end up ordering anything else the rest of the night.

Found this one by accident. It's a local brewer, and this was so freaking smooth. Especially considerimg it was a 10.8% brew.

Dirty Bastard is one of my favorite beers. I'm looking to get a growler of it when I go to Grand Rapids next week.

I second this. If you want a dark beer that's carbonated like Guinness but actually tastes great, Young's Double Chocolate Stout in nitro cans is great choice.

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Wish i could get some more of this.

But have to settle for these

Grabbed what I could. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll keep going looking for the others.
I'll enjoy the Stone IPA tonight ;)

Gulden Draak (750 ML BTL) hands down my all time favorite beer pricy but fhk its worth it.
ignore the 9000 on the bottle only pick up the non numbered one.