Pia vpn

Just saw your videos concerning PIA's VPN service, I have been using PIA's VPN service for two years now. Lately I have noticed that when I am using it their is a huge drop in download speeds, With Testmy.net I have 24 Mbps without the VPN on but when I turn it on my download speeds drop to 1.3-1.8 Mbps. This is on Comcast ISP service, has anyone also noticed this occurring on Comcast? Does anyone know why it is occurring? 

I just got PIA, and my speeds seem about the same for streaming. Using comcast as well. Tried it on steam, seems to work just as fast, but the added latency in counter strike is killer. I use it for web browsing and streaming only which is really the only reason I got it.

The only time I notice an issue with using PIA is when I am in game. One of them in particular without VPN usually has around a 72ms latency which is good. In VPN and in the same game it jumps to about 300ms causing rubber band issues.

I'm having the same slowdown issues with PIA. I had used PIA and other VPNs a few years back and ditched them because of the slowdown in speeds. Gave it a whirl again based on the recent videos but again found a slowdown (avg of 33% to 50%). Looking the graphs on testmy.net it looks like the downloads reach the peak speed (~20mbps) but it takes them 3 to 4 times longer than without PIA, and it drops off much earlier as well. I'm going to test what my speeds are on SABnzbd as it usually downloads at full speed.

i wonder if the number of new users is overloading them. when i first signed up it was fine but now i kinda have to keep trying different servers to get decent speeds.

I have also been trying different servers, so far Seattle seems to be running the fastest. My worry is if Comcast specifically going through Comcast's Chicago fiber hub is messing with VPN traffic.Especially since they recently made changes to that network for the X1 video services which maintain an internet connection between the cable boxes and the headend.

I wasn't aware that latency was such an issue with VPNs. I only get like 50-150ms more ping usually so it must really be different per connection.