Pi-Hole Wiregaurd Gig Router / $500

I’ve got $500 and don’t want to learn anything. Sell me? But seriously, is there any AIO solution to a DNS/VPN router that I don’t need to spend a whole bunch of time learning ancillary systems to get working? I have local plex shares setup through my router and my VPN subscription from three years ago is about to be over, so I’ve been considering upping my “home lab” situation, starting with connectivity to the outside. Thanks for the tips.

Get one of those appliance-if-ied small cpu + nic + giant heatsink boxes as in this - STH article.

  • Cheaper than $500
  • Does 2.5Gbps easy
  • Does basic stuff - the kind pfSense is good for
  • Can grow into more stuff - VMs and/or containers etc etc… – if you splurge on RAM/storage.

When you say AIO, did you mean wifi as well? …if yes, then don’t.

Get the router above and get a Unifi u6-lite (for about $100) … or maybe splurge on a Unifi U6-LR or a U6-Mesh (about $170 either). For a single access point you don’t need a controller, you can set it up over phone/bluetooth.

And you can expand your system with switches / more access points for more speed and coverage later.


I’ll look into those options, I tend to not use wifi as everything important is already on cat7 and my mobile plans are all 5g unlimitied because if I’m paying for it I’m going to use it. Nonetheless, my AIO considerations were moreover on the software side of things, I need to watch the linode self hosting series L1 did already and stop putting it off but like most things I was hoping for someone to have already made a plug and play box that I could pay a premium for in order to not have to concern myself with technicality, however I understand that something like a self hosted vpn and a corresponding dns consideration probably falls in line with DIY or pay for it as a configureable service (IT services). I do everything myself for most things, so i suppose i should start doing some investigation as to what all this entails. My experience outside of windows includes getting a RasPi to play plex through a chromium browser via a bluetooth keyboard, which represents two sides of an insane gulf that I’m presently in the middle of (a gulf of only beggining to grasp what I dont know).

Also, thanks.

The tools you mentioned are very much DIY oriented so there isn’t, as far as I know, an all in one solution that’s fire and forget 100%.
But installing Pi-Hole and Wireguard is really just a couple commands you need to paste into the terminal, that’s about it.

Risk pointed you to the most known and reliable hardware for you to build a small DNS/VPN router.

But, to be honest, unless you’re trying to get to your home network through dozens of devices you can easly repurpose your Raspberry Pi to be a DNS/VPN server. Especially if it’s a Pi 4 it can even run overclocked to 2GHz with two lines in the config file.

It’s tedious and can get annoying from time to time (I’ve been taking long breaks between researching for different software solutions for my needs) but, in the end, it’s worth trying to learn something new especially because technology is so integral to our lives that knowing more and more ins and outs is crucial.

Let me know if you need help and pointers, I’ll try to help as best as I can.