Physics Problems (solved)

Alright so I've been bench marking me Asus g55VW gamming laptop with an ivybridge is and a gtx 660m and every time I've been running a physics test on 3D Mark or 3Dmark 11 my scores would be so ungodly low. Like my graphics test would score like 14000 on 3D Mark yet i would barely get a score of 900 on my physics tests on the cloud gate test. So im just wondering if there is something wrong in my graphics drivers or my bios or if it's a glitch in 3Dmark in general.

If anybody knows what is going on please let me know thank you!

Physics is much more CPU than GPU.

Should i change the thread location then? lol

No, it is fine, because the GPU has to do with it, too.

Well do you have any idea whats going on? I hear this has happend with other people on the 3D mark forums but nobody has a real answer to the situation

Well, mobile GPUs are pretty gimped. I would try installing the most recent drivers to be safe, though, which are 320.49, if I recall.


I've been having this problem since driver version 314.22 and updating hasn't done anything to solve it =/

Try a full unistall of the driver set (I think there is a tool to do this) then install.

It doesn't work i told you it's not driver related.

Then it's nothing.


Go buy an AMD GPU, and enjoy the crappy slide show with Physics enabled.

Sure that'l stick in real nice in my laptop >.> if you're gonna troll go somewhere else please I'm trying to fix a serious problem...

You tell everyone it is not drivers, yet you have yet to corrospond to directions.


And you call me atroll?


Get a clue please.



Ok i solved the problem apparently something screwed up in my o.s and i did a factory reset when I installed windows 7 professional and 3Dmark works perfectly now thanks your help guys!