Physical anime collections (DVDs, VHS, and Blu-rays)

Hey guys, lets get a anime collection thread going. I have been a fan and collector for about 15 years now and have assembled quite of a collection on limited budget. Lets go in question format:
1. How long have you been a fan/collector?

   A: 15 years

2. What are all the formats do you collect in (bonus for obscure formats)?

  A: DVD, Blu-ray, and VHS

3. Do you also collect manga?

   A: yes 

4. How many complete collections do you own?

   A. 50+..........I have some unfinished

5.How many manga (single volumes and omnibuses indicate) do you own?

  A. 300+.........I have only a few omnibuses but I have the whole series of love Hina in omnibus format

6. What is your favorite Genres?

   A: I like Romance, Slice of life, suspense/mystery

7. What are your most prized pieces (indicate anime or manga and what makes it prized)?

   A: DVD's: DUal! Parallel trouble adventure by pioneer DVDs, Blu-ray:Evangelion movies and Darker than black, VHS: some tenchi and zoids.


So lets get this started, also lets show some pics. I have to grab my camera.