Phyllome OS alpha has been released!

Hello everyone!

The past few months, I have spent much of my time creating Phyllome OS, a Fedora Remix dedicated to desktop virtualization.

The alpha version has just been released. (It seems that I cannot yet share links on the forum yet, but a Google search with Phyllome OS will get you to the main website and its relevant links).

Videos by Wendell have been instrumental to making this project a reality, and I share his goal of making desktop virtualization more accessible. It is time to give back!

The end goal of Phyllome OS is to have a mostly immutable host with a GUI (Phyllome OS), and to allow users to live full-time in a virtual machine, maximizing the use of paravirtualized devices (i.e. virtio-gpu instead of vfio-pci, even if vfio-pci might be used when virtio doesn’t work (Windows guests for instance)).

Bear in mind that it is basically a one-person effort, and that it is my first software project.

Happy forking.




Neat, I’ll have to check it out.

Here’s a link to the site:


I really like the direction you are going with. I’m looking forward to see how that baby of yours is progressing.

developers…just too modest to post links.

His account is probably too new or low post count, and needs to get upgraded by a mod.

Thanks! Any suggestion is welcome.
New editions will be released; the wiki will be improved as well (for instance, there is no instruction on how to deploy it on a target computer)

I have been keeping track of this project. It looks awesome! The creator is a really smart guy too.