Hi everyone. I've started using phpsysinfo and I'd like to know if anyone here with some experience with it and can tell me if there's a way to display my external IP in the interface. I've already Googled it but I didn't find anything about it. Thanks.


it shows you all interfaces and their ip's.
If you are getting external ip outside of your main interface you'd need to go outside and have some1 return your ip...



and parse "<h2>%</h2>%<p>YourIP<p>"

I'm on dynamic IP so a static information wouldn't help me that much. Also how do I parse it into PhpSysInfo?

I'm not familiar what you're speaking of or what you want it for, but I use for my dynamic IP. Perhaps this service can help you as well?

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That's already sorted out and the community has been really helpful about it. Click here to know more about what I'm talking about. It's a web based GUI that shows many details about the machine running. What I wanted to do is add an entry to show me the actual public IP.

no clue what you are trying accomplish there... and not sure if you understood what i wrote...

Do you have external ip on any of your interfaces at any times?
or do you have internal IP on your interfaces at all times... and only your router goes out with external ip?

I just want to see the external IP on PhpSysInfo, that's it.

ok buddy, you don't know what you're doing. I can't help you.