Photoshop vs everything else

Hello guys. I am going into editing, and I would like to know if Photoshop is the best program out there, or if there is something as good or even better out there. Thank you guys a bunch. Keep it up!


              Edit: I would like to make Flyers with it as a first project.

I haven't seen anything that is even remotely as good. 

Gimp is wonderful for being free. So is Pant sai.

Nothing matches up to Photoshop if you basing it on functionality rather the price. 

Yes, Gimp is great for being a free program, but is no match for photoshop at all.

Photoshop is best as a suite program, but if you're looking for individual tasks you're trying to accomplish, there are many programs that do specific task better.

If you're looking for a realistic painting program, ArtRage will destroy photoshop because of tablet capabilities, paint like effects, better palet for painting.

If you're looking for photo editing, Corel does a better job on filters.  

If you're looking for sketching, i gotta say hands down autodesk sketchbook has it beat.

Photoshop needs to get better on tablets, i have an intuos4 and i get lots of lag from pressing my pen on the surface to the reaction, if you have a monitor its the same issue, i've seen it on multiple computers like that.  That would be my only complaint.

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I don't have that problem. With hardware acceleration, there's not really any lag on the PCs that i've used.

i've got 2 x radeon hd6950 w/ hd6970 bios flash and when i work on 4096x4096 it will lag, even when i max out the performance settings.  There's a limit of how things will go, i always work on 4096 so that when i need to rescale the size based on whichengine i use, i can compensate without losing quality and having my original.  hardware acceleration only works to an extent, usuallyfor most people they get great performance until they hit the 2046 x 2046 mark, then slowdown begins.  

We all get used to the program we like to use! (to state the obverse) and so it’s hard to look at/compare 2 programs like GIMP and Photoshope. The questions I ask are;

  1. Can I do what I have to do? Remove scratches, marks, wires, pimples, ect? Yes(both programs)
  2. Can I change contrast, brightness, colours? Yes(both programs)
  3. Can I smooth, sharpen, lighten, darken ect? Yes(both programs)
  4. Can I apply filters? Yes(both programs) BUT the GIMP has some filters I can’t find in Photoshop. Like fractrace witch can turn the photo in to a fractel image and others. So for this I use GIMP
    Dose that make GIMP better? No. Dose that make Photoshop better No. What is dose do is make them different.
  5. Can I use it on all the OS’s I use. Yes (GIMP), No (Photoshop), I use Linux,Windows and OSX and GIMP works on all 3.