Photoshop CS5 and Multi GPU

I'm wondering if having multiple Nvidia GPUs in SLi, or just in separate CUDA modes will improve CS5 Photoshop performance. If anyone could help me out with this, I'd be pleased. Thanks.

Multiple cards have never helped me in photoshop (im using ATI cards though). I always thought photoshop was a bit more RAM intensive anyways..

Photoshop CS4 or newer supports GPU acceleration or some shit.. hurr, but think nvidia is kicking ATI's ass at this area (as any other lololol), because of CUDA.

no idea of the answer youre seeking tho, OP

I found the answer, apparently multi GPU isn't supported, though it's good to have a bunch of GPU memory, as well as system memory. I'll have to upgrade my sister's desktop.

Thanks for the help anyway.