Photography Games?

Anybody out there a keen photographeer too? I was just wondering, as my two main hooys are gaming and photography, if there was any photography games (not pokemon snap!) out there. I can imagine a game where maybe you have an open randomly generated area where you take photos and can share on a social website dedicated to that game. It also could have unlockable achevments and be moddable. I know nothing like that exists but does anybody else think that would be cool?

I think all the games that are detailed enough for photography in them to be worth your time are devoted to other things (like killing).

As a photographer, I can see the interest here, but I'd download it, walk around for half an hour, get bored, and then just go outside and take real photographs.

Ever plaid the Japanese survival horror games 'Fatal Frame'?

Very scary games with a camera mechanic to them.

There is a game called Afrika for the ps3 where you are a photographer and take pictures of animals and stuff.

I have never played it so i don't know exactly how it works.

So you want a game of randomly generated terrain for you to explore and photograph? Then have achivements for something like getting a picture of 3 mountains all together or something? The coding would be easy but the generation would be the hard part. 

There was Dead Rising, Im not sure if that is what you ment by photography game but its an aspect of Dead Rising.