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There was one I recall trying out like a year ago. It didn’t seem to support pen pressure though.

Found it:

A brief search about the topic suggests that there have been problems with various different pen and tablet manufacturers translating data from pens to browsers, but it appears the issue is largely gone away, I think? At least there’s no recent mentions of it. Not sure what you’re using though so your mileage may vary.


Oh wow, I assumed the pressure wouldn’t be a thing because of it being in a browser at all.

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Went hiking to Mount LeConte last weekend. Any hikers near the smokies should hike up to it. I took the Alum Cave trail.



4608 × 3072 pixels (though somethin weird happened when i posted in the lounge but meh, oh and same here…wut?)
10.0 MB
270.0 (35mm film), 180.0 (lens)
Even weeds look pretty in sunrays :innocent:


My granddaughter with the jaws of life last open house.


whats a jaws of life?

They’re used to pry and cut vehicles apart like if someone gets in a bad car accident and the doors are crushed.


So thats like a powered can (in this case, car) opener on steroids…

Cool toy! Lets hope you dont get to use it often, though…

If people would just drive safely we wouldnt need them at all.

We are a medium size town and on average they are usually used 2 to 3 times a month.
But in a city and around interstates i imagine they are used a lot more.
There is quite a bit of training involved with using them and the other gear that comes with them.

You can look up videos on youtube on their use. But until you actually use one or calculate the force involved, you have no idea how powerful they are.

Time is of the essence in a vehicle rescue.
And i am very thankful we have them.