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i have this one on a windows VM and used it once : )

oO i like their no subscription model, $65 and done though would have to be run through a windows VM of course because…because hashtag linuxlyfe : /

so true! I shoot in monochrome and raw as a way to make myself focus on the settings and get what i want from the photo instead of just going all cray later, tho i am still a newbie at dslr photography…and photography in general. I had a very real psychological fear of cameras for a long time for personal reasons so picking up a camera was a way to slowly get over that.

but i never automode unless absolutely necessary!

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For compositing loads of shots for panoramas and such, I still have an ancient MS Image Composite Editor .msi file stored and ready for install.
It really is a very nice and simple to use application and it is a shame that they retired it.

I like Sequator more since it fits my workflow better. Also DeepSkyStacker is more so for deep sky objects from what I’ve understood, I might be completely wrong though.

@Aug There’s no download for it anymore as far as I can tell. I looked into it 1 or 2 years ago as well and couldn’t find any. They just have some exporter for Photoshop on that page. Photoshop’s built in auto align and auto blend have done decent enough work for me personally too though.

Yeah, that is the one noteworthy complaint I have.

I like to have control and love the tactile experience from the physical dials on my X-T4, makes me so much more mindful of what I’m changing!

I do tend to use some automatic features though… I tend to set aperture and shutter speed and then let iso go automatically. Or set aperture and iso and let shutter speed on auto.
That gives me more time to focus on what I’m shooting the things I see around me. Unless I specifically have time to spend on still life to dial in settings.


the word ethereal is so ethereal isn’t it ^^

then instead of trying to draw the object or subject, focus on what is around the subject or object. Imagine if the object is blurred… not like super blurred but just enough where u can still see the light and shadow… start from the outside in. It tricks your mind in a way. Draw the space around the subject.

hashtag golden hour? Seriously i had all the beautiful pre-eclipse moonlight in the world reflecting off a giant lake and could not capture it, not without a tripod of course, not even my book resting on my handbag on the ground was stable enough because of the high winds. You would have made the camera sing, whereas i got motion blur lol

you’re absolutely welcome! Thank you for taking a interest : )

oh and light/darktable, eep… i basically just use it as a raw converter for now… every app has a learning curve lol

manual, apeture and shutter prio are my favs… and if i am really lazy then the mode that has no flash, though, if thats auto mode without flash then i am so gonna stop using it and stick to manual… plus i feel like manual mode actually does the focus points i set and…i need a coffee…!!!

fav mode is ap prio for that background blur… god i love background blur, i gotta do some more Roo’s with that. I looked it up, thats one of the mirrorless ones, all fancy and all… does it have a actual viewing thing or just screen?

i really need a coffee!

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Yeah, traded it in just over a year ago and I really love the upgrade to mirrorless!
I was on a chunky Nikon D7200 before and just didn’t drag it along anymore, which made it a useless thing. Even though it shoots great pictures.

It does have a viewfinder, though that’s a monitor and only shows anything if you have it turned on. Still my preferred way to shooting!
But for awkward angles it is very nice to have a tilty/flippy screen.

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So you mean as if the background was in focus and subject wasn’t? Aside from that, I don’t know how I’d go about drawing something out of focus with a fineliner. Somebody did mention drawing whatever as if it was completely alien to you: mark down every detail, every groove, etc.

You could have put a rock or something just under the lens and nowhere else to lift it maybe, depends on the winds. I sometimes go out for a walk and use a bottle or a can to balance either a compact camera or a phone against them for photos, not with winds though.


Thank you again.

Also I haven’t tried Darktable for a long time myself, but as far as I can remember, it’s very similar to Lightroom.

Also bedtime, see you in probably few months!

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Is that D7200 still around? I’ve been meaning to upgrade my D3200. Probably only worth buying and shipping if it’s close to me though.

all i remember is you ta… oh wow okay i’m writing too much apparently! okay, gonna try and be succinct.


yes. I put many photo into that. good result. Much happy wow.

yeah :cookie:

instead awkward lay on ground. Ha!


yes, do this. object not known

no rock. grass. : (

area always windy. Not near home. Beautiful area. No rock or table : (

false to your false. I blur, y’all sing.

happy :camera_flash:-ing


It isn’t… :persevere:
I traded it (along with the lenses) in at my camera store for a hefty discount on the X-T4 (plus 16-80 f4 lens).


I partook, in Affinitys beta [ MacOSX]
It was very promising stuff. Worked comfortably off older builds ['2010 15MBP + 10.7.5]

LOVE the pliability, off them Fujifilm bodies
Haven’t experienced anything past XT1 / X70, regarding newer tech/guts
… Doesn’t stop [occasional] wishful thinking, of nabbing a newer XPro body

Still have an OG X100 - not getting rid of it

Shame, I’ve been looking for an upgrade for a while.

Beta back when or the Beta of V2?

Because apparently, this:

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Beta back when… Before the Designer / Publisher, became an idea

Experimenting with “unnatural” looks in my photograph. Hope you like it!


I took it with my 100-400 lens on my xt3, so 600mm ff equipment.

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Since there’s talks about editors, there’s a Photoshop alternative that runs fully in the browser and is made by one person who has also written all the documentation for it and it’s amazing (the docs as well as the software itself)

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