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Check out Mount Tamalpias if you get the chance, plenty of nice shots you can take from there.

Speaking of which… double rainbow.


Really old, stereo type.

I really don’t know why i like these very dark pictures…


I really lucked out with my Helios 44


I got a whole lotta nothin in SF yesterday. We got there later than expected, and I kinda had to re-learn the Ricoh cuz I’ve been shooting with my Oly for so long now that it took me a while to get used to again. I wanted to get some wider shots this time, but I just didn’t see anything that really interested me.


A7RII, Leica Summicron R 50 @ 2.8 or 4.0, 1/1250s, ISO100
RAWtherapee, pushed 1.5 stops, cropped a little




stills from an upcoming music video


Went to a fire arts thing the other day. Used a cheap 2x adapter on my X100F, which resulted in some interesting distortion, and me not focussing well haha


Some very nice shots. Absolutely transports the feel of it. :+1:

The fourth one is my favorite, easily.

Two things: kick out the number six, that one is pretty much the same as number 8. And crop number 8 so that the person on the edge is out of the shot, that will clean it up a lot.


Bonus points if that angel is from that one super creepy Dr. Who episode.


Wow. Scrolling through old photos and I realize how much I miss the Nexus 5 camera:




“How to grab a window.”


I forgot how good that camera was, Bleh bokeh though… But hey still holds its own I think.


Just got back form a roadtrip; Finland to Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania-Poland-Slovakia-Hungary-Croatia-Slovenia-Austria-Czech and back again, epic journey 10/10 much recommend travelling by car.

First things first, if there’s pointy hats to be bought, it needs to be bought.

Struggles to shoot from a moving car

Spis Castle, Slovakia

Goddamn Norwegians in Croatia, naturally parking next to a bro nord :laughing:

Long ass-cave in Postojna, Slovenia - check it out :+1:


Do you have any more of the last image?


Sure here’s a couple, didn’t have a tripod so the quality isn’t the best tho.


I guess not every photo-nerd here is having an eye on the moon-thread, so …

Sony A7RII, Leica APO-Telyt R 180mm f/3.4, high ISO 3200 or so.
Multiple exposures combined, edited with Krita and RAWTherapee.

Second edit. #darkmode


Shot with the Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 for Sony E-mount.
Wide open, minimum focus distance.

Technically it is a pretty bad lens with tons of flaws. And I like it a lot.