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We got a lovely freezing rain/ice storm the other day. It was hard to get good shots though, at least with my time constraints. It would have been amazing in the woods I think, but no time for the trip.


Top one, I like the mood and the visual effect.


Funnily enough @DertyDan and @cityle I do not actually like the bottom one and I actually intentionally shot through the wires. I’m liking the aesthetic and character they bring to my pictures.


That lower end annoys me for some reason, firefox screenshotted them off :smiley:


especially with the first picture, you have removed all the essence of it. The composition and the contrast is not there anymore.


I dont understand these compositions and contrasts, but I would take these pictures from lower angle

Example from earlier pictures

This just annoys me it seems, screenshotted it to be like that


I just realized I’ve pretty much only posted zoo pics here, so here’s some more. Not necessarily brand new, but all taken within the last 4 months or so.

I’ll start off with my Colorado trip in January. These are from Royal Gorge. My girlfriend and I got there pretty late in the afternoon. We only had about an hour and a half there and it got dark as we were heading out. Some of these are actually right outside the park. We pulled off onto a little road right outside the park after leaving and found some nice views.

These are from our Big Baldy hike. We were pretty late there as well, plus there was a lot of fog.

A few more botanical garden shots.

This one I couldn’t decide if I liked it cropped or normal more. The composition cropped is better, but I’m leaning toward the normal because I like how the bush kind of fades back and to the left, where as the cropped one isn’t quite as dynamic-feeling because it’s cut off.


Weird place, mountains with zillion splintered boulders


Ya it made for an interesting hike. It was really awesome when the fog started rolling over the mountain just a few minutes after we got to the top, but at that point it was just about to start getting dark, so we stayed a couple more minutes and then turned back.


An ice shelf along the walk to our back door. Initially I thought it had come out blurry but on closer look I really like it.


My inconsistent editing.

Cozy dog


I like the first shot a lot.


Thanks. Took the chance while the guy was standing there.

Wish I had some ND filters, but my local camera shop doesn’t stock any 49mm ones. Would’ve got some nice sea shots.


Just more phone photos…

The melting snow uncovered this little guy.


Behold of the glamour…


What are these cottages, there is so many of them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Beach huts that people rent so they can sit back behind the inevitable wall of people that go to the beach at the smallest hint of sun. I honestly don’t see the point beyond having something slightly more sturdy than an umbrella.


I think I should have gone with a slightly higher aperture to get a little more stuff in focus, but other than that I like this one.


Got more freezing rain and snow last night. Made for some beautiful trees. This is a close up of the magnolia in our back yard.


Messing around with my new extension tubes a little bit today. This is with my 17mm f1.8, which has a minimum focusing distance of 0.25m. Huge difference with the extension tubes. This isn’t really anything pretty look at, just an example :stuck_out_tongue:.

This one is with just the 10mm extension. With the 10mm + 16mm the logo took up more than the whole frame.

I’m heading to San Francisco at the end of the week. Gonna be using my Ricoh GR II there, but I think I’m going to head south to Monterrey or Santa Cruz the second day, so I might get a chance at some more macro stuff depending on what my girlfriend wants to do. We may go on a hike, or we may just go to the board walk and mess around there. She seems to want to go to the beach though. I’ve been itching to do some street photography lately, so I told her I don’t care what we do the second day, I just want to go to San Francisco.