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Two other splashes…

IRL there was a really pleasing gradient of GREEN -> BROWN -> TAN but I did a poor job capturing it.
Editing this one was frustrating.

I figured this one could be useful for stock use… background behind text? I was just experimenting around.
I think I over sharpened and the blacks are too deep… but whatev.

This whole round of photos was taken at Shark Fin Cove, Santa Cruz.



I would really like to see you guys discuss editing, equipment and workflow in the darkroom:

The Darkroom (Photography Discussion Mega-thread)

There’s a lot of talent here.


Just gonna leave these here


^Near Pictured rocks, Upper Peninsula, Michigan


Ewoks are real!

Panasonic GM1 with Pana-Leica 15mm at 1.7.


Shot on A7RII, Leica APO Elmarit R 100mm, f/16, ISO100
Two speedlights, one inside a roundflash on the camera, one behind a grid and a red gel.
Bunch of LR magic.

I did a bit more work in post (plugging holes in the backplate mostly) and also changed the crop to get every single usable pixel out of it. Then I went completely bananas on the filters and everything.

Here are the UHD and 3440x1440 files:



I also made a second color scheme.



The VEGA 56 / 64 Cards Thread! General Discussion


Use the white eyedropper on something you know is 100% white, and the black one on the blackest black. That is a good starting point for color correction.


Manual crop of the eclipse at apex totality done on an old film camera with an aspheric pancake lens:

and exiting totality:


A lady looking bored while her friends play cards in Chinatown SF.


Went camping at bearpaw lodge in the high sierras.


Do you have a RAW of the second image?


Naturally… only shoot in raw.



I had to just sit and look for a few minutes while wishing I was the one who got to hike up there to take that photo. My jealous 1st thought was last night I played FarCry Primal to go for a virtual hike in the woods and this guy is doing it for real.


I especially like the way it has 3 layers - foreground, mountains and sky.



I love your screen cap. I’m totally flattered!


You are welcome.

I did tweak it a bit in Photoshop. The levels were good. I adjusted hue and saturation to make the foreground trees pop. Like -8 less blue = more green and +15 on the saturation. My changes barely affected the mountains.


Oh yea, I can see the changes now.

I think I was contented with them being a dark near object which is why I didn’t bother pulling them out. I’m also sort of a speed editor… I don’t spend a ton of time working on it. Heck, I’m still learning to edit stills in general.

Want the raw? Sending it to @noenken as well tonight when I get home. I’m curious to see how you guys would edit it. Take some screenies to show what sort of methods you use and why.


It’s a pretty good image right off of the sensor.

If I were to Pshop the hell out of it, I would leave the mountains untouched, overlay a transparent sky to tint the real sky bluer and then do more work on making the foreground pop while leaving it dark.

Sky color burn

Sky 25% transparent overlay

Mountains untouched

Trees (excluding the rocks) Levels midtones 1.02 lighter. Hue -19 greener. Saturation +37 intenser.




Wait till you get the raw… lol

It was pretty bad visibility due to the fires and it was basically 100% overcast.


Went derping around with a friend in SF “baths” area near “lands end”.


Took these with my Galaxy S8+