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Hi @kreestuh, @wendell and @pgpryan, I am somewhat of a photo nerd so of course I am absolutely biased on this. But I think we need a home for all the camera and photography related topics that are created. So far those are scattered all over the place.

While writing these words, this is what is shown to me:

I think that sums it up pretty good.

I know that this is not a photography forum. But it is a technology forum and at least one piece of tech that we all have has a camera built in. Yet we still don't have one clearly labelled place for everything that is related to photography or videography.

Now we even have a monthly photo assignment going and the home for it is in Arts & Media -> Visual Arts & Design. Yes, technically you can sort it that way, it's not wrong. But it should not be buried like that. I mean .. 'Gaming' isn't stuffed into 'Software', 'Mobile Tech' is not a sub category of 'Hardware', right?

Maybe a category like 'Making' or 'Creating' would work? That could also be a place for things like 3D printing and modding and tweaking things that aren't computers.

@KemoKa73, @tkoham, @Zavar, @hutchison15, thoughts?



You aren't wrong, but at the same time, I think this can be fixed with a megathread without mod intervention.

Along that line of thinking, I created one.

You guys should post there! The more active it is, the more photographers and filmmakers we can get to participate:

Post videos, interesting tutorials, gear acquisitions, workflow tricks, doesn't matter. Participation is the key.



#media:art-design (visual arts and design) is photographs home. We just are to lazy to move posts.

Btw, all but one of those topics (of which that one is in the right place) is well over a year old and abandoned.

I don't think we have a locked down structure of how we might if redo the meda category, though it could maybe do with tweaking like some of the over we have done over the past few months.

I'm not quire sure what "food and drink" is doing in arts and media. I dunno, "Creative Hub" for a main category title maybe with a few other re-namings.



I sort of agree with having it as its own category, just because there are a lot of non-art and design questions that usually follow when talking about photography and videography. aka, what camera to buy, tips on learning , troubleshooting, etc...

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Creative Hub

  • Books, Literature, & Writing
  • Music
  • Photography & Videography

Tags for anything else unless it seems required to have a sub category.

Food and drink would be be gone, It can be tagged for people who want to post about recipes etc. "what you ate" can go off-topic.

Other media would be gone, that's literally what the main category is for, also its never used.

Anime, Movies, & TV would be moved.. elsewhere. Its not wouldn't fit.

That's my current thinking anyway. We had a draft for something similar but more in the "media" direction than creative direction.