Photo editing

Hi everyone


I want to make some cool looking wallpapers. I have a collection from some wallpapers/fan art and now I want to edit them.


My goal is to make them like they were drawn by hand. Something like this :


It should look most closely to my sample.


I don't know with Program is best to do this. It should be most affective as I'm going to do that with 100+ Wallpapers.

I was looking at FotoSketcher a free-ware but I just couldn't get it right.

I don't know if Adobe Photoshop could help but I could get one if it works.


Thanks for your answer



I am not artistic in this way at all... Have you looked at this one?

Thanks a lot.I'll try that out next.

PS. keep it up!!

If I understand what you want then Painter is probably the way to go. Not 100% sure though I got what you are looking to do though.

This video is a bit old but this might be something like what you are looking for