Photo Editing Low Budget PC for my Aunt :D

Budget: $600 or lower (If you can, please make 1 with monitor and 1 without)

Country/Area: NC, USA

Peripherels: Already have keyboard/mouse, not sure on monitor, so, please, as I said earlier, 1 build with monitor and one without

Use: Photo editing, some light graphic design stuff, and homework for her child 

Overclock: I am willing too if it will help drastically (Such as OC'ing RAM for APU)

Watercooling: No, unless you can find a good all in one for a cheap price

OS: Already have a copy of Windows 7 c;

Applications: Photoshop, various other photo programs of which I am not aware of.

Monitor: 1080p, at least a 23 inch, preferably larger

Any musts: 1TB atleast of storage

I made this, but I would like to be of a lower price, (IE $50 cheaper)



IPS monitor, but 21.5" only :/

Nothin' like a nice SSD to make Photoshop damn snappy

This is a little more, which I know you were trying to cut costs (which you won't need thermal paste and fans). However with your build you will need at least dual channel DDR3-1866 since the GPU portion will be accessing your system memory with an APU...

The upside to my build that's worth the extra $50 is CUDA acceleration from an nVidia GPU in Adobe suite... so I feel you'll be happier with the overall experience from this... if you're cutting to budget as a premium priority cut the fans and thermal paste and pick up some decent 2x4GB DDR3-1866 (Corsair, Mushkin, GSkill, Crucial, Kingston, Adata) whatever's cheapest and doesn't have huge heatsinks that'll bang into your cooler

Nice build, my fav so far.

Ill probably use yours as a nice reference, as I can throw in a couple extra dollars for better RAM, etc..