Phoronix Issue Fedora/KDE

just put together my new (mostly) machine.

Installing phoronix to gauge how poor I’ve been in recent years I get a Plasma gui popup error that says ‘Could not find the program “konsole”’ and doesn’t start Phoronix.

System is Ryzen 3700x Aorus Elite Wifi, 32gb g.skill ripjaws on fedora 32 KDE.

I’m assuming the issue is with KDE due to the message being plasma labelled but has anyone else had this issue?

btw, after years away from the RHL side of linux and running Debian, Fedora feels like coming home. Really happy with how it’s turned out.

Konsole is the KDE ecosystem’s terminal emulator of choice, you must install it. It’s most likely konsole in your package manager, I am certain of that in Ubuntu, Arch, Debian, Mint?, Void

After I just ran it from the console, it did it’s updates and worked.

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