[Phoronix] An Open-Source Bootloader For Windows Lets You Run Off Btrfs, Other Possibilities

Quibble is a new open-source bootloader that supports booting Windows XP through Windows 10 and opens up new possibilities like booting a Windows installation off Btrfs.

Native windows boot loader is terrible compared to grub. Hopefully third party bootloaders take off.
I never got Grub2Win to work properly. Hopefully this will be a good alternative in the future.
I wonder how well Windows handles BTRFS instead of NTFS as a host FS*?
Is there a better alternative that works like compact or NTFS compression? [ that windows would recognise w/ this functionality?]

Is there any third party indexing/search service for Windows? Windows 10 search hardly works.

Hopefully coreboot/oreboot will make bootloaders redundant in the future.

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Everything is decent, although it is a separate application and does not integrate with the start menu and explorer.

The same guy doing this is the one that is porting BTRFS to windows. So I think quibble is really meant to boot BTRFS more then boot NTFS.

I was saying I wonder how well windows handles btrfs as the host fs; I imagine some instability, scared that perhaps there will be some corruption. I’ve used winbtrfs, but having the host FS being a different FS is far different, I would expect it to be very unreliable. I have never seen another FS as host on windows.

At this point, there is no chance I would use it in a production machine, but it is nice to see that there is work being done on it.

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