Phonebloks.. what do you guys think about it?

Looks like another cool yet un-implementable idea. And even if it is implemented, a blockphone with the same specks will be way thicker than a conventional smartphone. 

I dont see why that SHOULD be the case, the design in the video is just something from a pipedream but a modular phone design is possible and a motherboard like that can be made with an FPGA to connect all the components properly, and it would honestly be not that much thicker. a 12-13 mm design is fine, a 16-18mm design is acceptable and will be accompanied by some damn serious battery power,



Even if it is possible to achieve, no company will willingly throw away their profits to please the consumer. Currently what's driving phones is that you get an entirely functional device, made by your manifacturer of choice, and you pay a 300-400 dollar premium for that. Now, mass IC manifacturers would love this, as would companies that make consumer PC components - Adata, kingston, hynix, mediatek and more would be overjoyed if they could just sell their components directly to the consumer with a premium price tag, but the push will not be made, these are companies that already have stable profitable businesses and have no experience in interacting with consumers. The most likely scenarios i can see is the appearance of third party companies that buy cheap, assemble and sell high to make blocks for the thing. 

I dont see any kind of possibility for this to  come to fruition, other than a private company takes over the R&D for it, and it's still a long shot since it's going to need a lot of work. 

Motorola has an R&D team working with them now..

Finally a stealing phones is going to be profitable again........YAY!!!!

It is like this,  No officer or judge, or DA this is not grand larceny I only stole this part of the phone and it is valued at this.. right below the grand larceny monetary value stipulation..So thanks for the misdemeanor..