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Phone stops charging when PC is idle. What can cause this?

I connect my Android phone to my PC via USB cable, and it seems like it stops charging after some time when I am away. After I come back and touch the mouse the charging resumes.

There is no sleep/hibernation, only screens turn off. Some time ago it was working fine, in the same port (also tried another port, and another cable). PopOS 21.04.

cat /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend is -1 (added usbcore.autosuspend=-1 to boot params via kernelstub).

The PC is definitely not sleeping, there are journalctl logs during that time.
journalctl · GitHub

This sounds to me as a feature where USB ports turns off after some time to ‘save power’.
Chceck BIOS for some power saving or USB specific configurations.

Hi Alex,

Does this happen for only a particular USB port? To get some clarification, is this on a desktop/laptop? what motherboard/manufacture? and does this only happen to phones in particular? i.e. camera batteries.

I would check to see in the BIOS if there is a powershare or Always on USB ports.

it seems like the issue is on the OS/software level. I did not touch anything in the BIOS settings for months, and several weeks ago it was working fine in the same USB port.


Desktop, Asrock Z390 Taichi Ultimate.

When you say you move the mouse, is that it waking from sleep?

no, just the screens turn on.

How can it write logs in sleep?

That is a ‘display off’ power saving state. It could be a S1 state, S3 is a standby state and S0 is a fully on state.
Perhaps the UEFI is detecting the GPU going to sleep so it turns USB power off.