Phone OS

I have this old android phone and it's getting too slow to use so I were wondering could I get faster OS on it...

(samsung GT-I5700)

any help pls

Check to see if there are any custom roms for it, I know Cyanogen works well on my original motorola droid.

what wikipedia tells me Cyanogen looks nice but i cant get trought to they'r site. I get "502 bad gateway". I would love to find out about this my self but i have no time right now for next year and i neither have money to get new phone

Could try this,

However its an old phone, The old roms where notorious for bricking phones so if you want to risk it, Just make sure you follow what they say to the T. You might be better off just looking at a new phone if thats an option. But your not going to get Android honeycone if thats what your expecting.