Phone dying?


I bought from Amazon UK a few months ago a new phone for myself (HTC One X+ but I cannot recall if it was brand new or slightly used). Before I tell this story I hadn't rooted nor used a custom ROM on this phone, all was stock.

After a month or two of using it, it started slowly going crazy. The first thing was that whenever I dropped it or if it received a physical shock from the outside strong enough, it would max out the brightness (this also happens when I put on the camera, and sometimes if I massaged that area with my fingers strong enough the brightness would lower slightly) and after a day or two (sometimes a week) it would return to normal. Besides trying to hit the phone from the camera area nothing else would lower its brightness. 

But this was only the beginning. The craziest thing it started doing started happening just this May, when I was watching cartoons on my phone (Nightly web browser, some built-in streaming thing on Android) it would start playing a track from my storage on Poweramp, start the google voice search and instruct me how to use it (female british voice) and say "I didn't quite catch that", call my mother (Äiti in finnish, last name on contacts) and immediately stop it and start it all over again, also make weird beeping voice.The only way to fix this was by removing headphones and shut the phone down, this happened fairly rarely, like 5-6 times I've used this phone.

Now the phone also refuses to charge with my previous phone's charger (this one arrived with the wrong head so it didn't fit our sockets), also my Mom's Nokia charger nor with USB on PC, PC complained about a "power spike" on the USB or it didn't recognize the USB device. (Also whenever I tried forcefully pushing the power plug from the Phone's side deeper in the hole, the brightness would slightly flicker)

I really want some pictures from my phone to my desktop but the problem is that it doesn't recognize the USB nor does it have any power to send them wirelessly. 

Now I am asking for help, anyone? 

Interesting story i have no idea how to fix it but i will give you a bump if that works on this forum :p hope someone else can help.

I think all of those problems can be solved by simply factory reseting the phone and installing a custom rom. If you don`t know how to do that, there are a lot of guides and forums that can help you. The choice of the custom rom is yours, but i`d recommend a stable one like cyanodenmod, but that depends on what versions are available for your phone.

If the phone was complaining about it's power adapter not being right you should probably get the proper adapter. Bad power supplies can be the root of most problems.