Phone call spoofing

I am sure we have all been barraged with sales calls. It has been rather simple for me to identify as I have moved across state lines so any “sales” calls are associated with my old area code and I know which ones to avoid.

I am starting this thread to inquire if anyone else is experiencing random calls from international numbers. I got a call yesterday from Peru and today from New Zealand. Um, what?

I have already put myself on the do not call registry. This is just odd.

I haven’t been getting anything international, or anything sales related, but I have gotten calls from “Social Security Administration”. Not THE Social Security Administration, just Social Security Administration. Like they just filled in the blanks in a shitty scam template or something.

A few days ago they were in Illinois, now they’re in Texas.


I got two calls from Russia. Didn’t pick up tho. And caller ID didn’t display a number. The only thing that displayed was the name of the caller, which was Russia.

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So in 2019 there is still spoofing… People are planning a trip to Mars and they are not able to handle anything on spoofing. What a strange world this is.


Never foreign, they always spoof local numbers for me. Would be very easy to avoid if they all came from Slovakia or whatever.

The technology is not designed to be secure or authenticated.

We need to overhaul the protocol if my understanding is correct.

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I think I remember reading somewhere that if you run your own Asterisk server, you can see the actually origin of the call. So I guess CallerID is just a completely separate metadata channel, unrelated to the actual dialing number that the phone company sees?

I imagine companies like this because it makes it look like same number, regardless which particular company line or even office is actually dialing you. Still, I don’t understand how you could design a system specifically to allow calling phone numbers to be hidden and not realize the potential for abuse.

I get a lot of out of state calls but not out of country

I am fully aware of it. But year after year passes and nothing changes. Even swatting is not a sufficient motive for solid change.

Interesting, in my case caller id identifies a phone number and the associated region/country.

There was a hearing in the US senate with the FCC and FTC (I think). Not sure what came of it, but they discussed these robocalls and spoofed numbers.

I doubt we’ll see something, but at least those idiots appear to be aware of the issue.

Many years will surely pass before the whole world is fully immune to it. Probably the majority will switch to digital communication abandoning traditional numbers before this happens.

Besides, there are many other problems, such as

The world is a damn jungle, buy ak47 and be ready for zombies. :wink:

They are working on a caller certification system, which will prove that the number is legitimate, but the phone companies have to let all calls through regardless, so the end result is that will just be an additional datapoint, but a very good datapoint, in determining if a call if truly worth answering.

And what about databases of spam numbers? Is there any good? Many countries have such commercial websites where people give the most harassing phone numbers. Far from perfection but always something.

You know mobile networks could put a sim login and password into the APN and solve alot of these issues

I’m gonna use this.

I just realized today that I have had maybe one spam call in the last couple of weeks since I reinstalled the “mr number” app. Long story short it autoblocks and might just work so well that I forgot about robocalls until someone brought it up earlier. Previously, I was getting 2-3 daily


I use Hiya which is similar. It is roughly 80% effective.

I’ll keep that in mind. I have subscribed to the fewer apps I am running the better. But with the uptick in robo calls and spoofing general non sense, I might check out an app based blocker.

From Brazil here, i mentioned it sometime ago in the lounge that i get these spoof calls at least 5 times a day, i keep blocking the numbers but new ones just pop up.