Phone Backups to NAS


So I am going to go straight to the point. I have a ghetto nas of a windows folder share (May move over to freenas or samba, etc) and a few phones and whatnot. Does anyone know of a good way to backup those phones to the nas? So far I am only planning of the phones, both Android and iOS (Unfortunately I have no control over that) maybe being able to setup it up to do a routine (So say backup once a week) and simplistic as I only need backup.



check it out:

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FYI, if you want to do what to do what your saying, It takes a bit of work. Honestly it's easier to back it up to the cloud. Its just, "What are you willing to sacrifice for simplicity".

1. If you have root on the android devices, I would recommend using this guide. The guide uses Titanium Backup (saves data in the apps, not just the app) and sends it over ssh.

2.If you don't have root, the second best backup method would be an ADB backup. I'm sure their is an app that will do this wireless.

3.Option three is if you only care about contacts, pics, and having the apps. If you log into android with a google account, google can automatically back up the contacts. Your mobile provider might do this too, just check your settings in your "Contacts" app. Google will also back up your apps (not the data in the apps). This is in your phone settings under "Backup and Reset". As for photos, just about every app will do this (but not to a NAS). I use AndFTP myself to sync my photo folder with my FreeNas.


  1. I doubt that apple would allow software other than their own to back up the whole phone. Honestly, their Icloud system isn't half bad. NOTE I hear that restoring from an old backup can hurt preformace. IDK if true but... If you want an actual copy of the backup than you will need to do it through Itunes (Guide).

  2. Honestly I haven't found another method. Guess this is another drawback to using Iphones.

cool, this helps alot, thanks mate. I will look into these right now.