Phone audio Jack broke

My zenfone 2's audio jack is not working properly, if the cable wiggles a little bit it dosnt work anymore. Is it feesible to fix this problem on the cheap?

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Edit: already fixed

For your problem: check if there is any lint stuck in the jack. Might bei your issue

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ive tried cleaning it out with a Qtip and 99.99% alcahol, no difference

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First I would make 100% sure that its not the cable/headphones before doing anything drastic. Barring that it looks like the headphone jack is mounted to the motherboard of the phone, rather than a separate board. So in order to fix the jack you would need to solder a new one on. You can also replace the entire motherboard, but googling some prices it seems that would be rather expensive.

This guide might help if you decide to open the phone up:

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I prefer a simple needle, often got lint accumulated all the way down in the jack. The contacts of Plug and jack then don't line up perfect, leading to similar behaviour. Just a thing i would check before ramming splungers into your phone.

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I've gotten great results with a swiss army knife toothpick, but a normal toothpick or a needle would probably do a good job too. Works on other ports too, just don't bend the contacts. The lint's usually packed hard in the back, so a q-tip probably won't pick up any of it.

There's the possibility that the jack is still good, but broke off the board. Could probably resolder it if you're brave. Check to make sure the contacts aren't just bent first. Also, if you have a few small wires, you could pinch them against an audio cable and hold the other ends to the board, to make sure that the jack is the problem, not the signal being sent to it. Just remember that, while opening a phone is pretty safe, soldering is a tad riskier, so consider the risk/reward.

If you had an iPhone 7 you wouldn't have that problem.

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yep should've gotten an iPhone 7
Iphone 7 - 1 | 176 - phone's with jacks

Have you tried different pairs of headphones?
Do the headphones work fine in other devices?

Most headphone ports just use a ribbon cable and a connector to connect to the motherboard of the phone. Will not be hard to replace but tracking down a replacement will

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if i got an iPhone 7 id be asking how do i fix my dongle that i need to plug a different dongle into and why id need a dongle to plug my Apple Phone into the latest Apple Laptop.
i guess what im really trying to say is fuck apple
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Ive tested 3 different pairs of headphones on my phone, my Fiio E10k DAC and my Laptop. The phone still dosnt work properly

I tried using a small wood toothpick from my kitchen, no dice.

It looks like im opening up the device at some point.

The headphone port is soldered onto the mainboard and will require soldering on a new connector.

Have you thought about contacting Asus for repairs?

Why would you want to fix it, just get a new one. Apple's adapters aren't that expensive, anyways.

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PS: Sorry that I can't help in a productive way. I had issues with my headphone jack before but that was due to lint collecting in the jack which I was able to remove with a needle, but it seems like you have a different problem. :thinking:

If the issue isn't lint, the contacts may have been bent or broken. Can you see any visible sign of damage to the contacts inside?

Problem has been solved

I used Deoxit D5 in the headphone jack, apparently there was some crud on the bottom most contact that didnt want to peel off in any meaningful way

Thanks for the help guys


looks like it's the port itself. the fix to that would be to sold a new one. but make sure it's nothing else before you go that farther.