Phillips SHP9500 vs. ATH AD700x

I've been looking around for a good set of headphones for a while now and i have narrowed it down to these two pairs, the Phillips shp9500 and the audio-technica ath ad700x. All i am wondering is the sound the the 9500 compared to the 700x and which one would be better. They would be mostly used for music, movies/videos, and gaming.

Build quality and price I prefer the Philips. Audio quality I'd probably lean towards the Audio-Technica.

The audio graphs are linked below. The AD700 is listed instead of the AD700x however they are likely pretty close to each other.

Philips SHP9500

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700

Read the bottom reviewer's opinion on each of those links for some highlights.

Here's a full list of the most common models if you are still looking.

why thank you!!