Phenom still good?

I am in the process of building a budget gaming pc. I know that the fx series is usually the way to go, but what about an older phenom ii 965 BE.  I have heard nothing but good things about those processors, even though they are from 2009.  I also saw that the single thread performance is better than the fx-4300, but that may not be true.  I also only plan to use this for a year to 2 years, then I will probably upgrade to a 8350.  I found one new for a great deal, so I was just wondering if it was worth it.  Also how badly will this bottleneck a r9 270.  I can also oc it if that will help at all. 

A 965 will compliment a 270 or 270x quite nicely in a gaming build, especially if it's overclocked. That CPU is still an excellent option for gaming, despite it's age.


Ok thanks would you say that this is accurate?  if so this is better in raw performance vs the fx 4300.

i have an AMD 955 Phenom II OC to 3.6ghz and i still love my 5 year old baby, i use with a single AMD 7870 which is the same as the r9 270, also i got a second card for crossfire and it started to bottleneck so im getting my fx8350 next month.

tldr - your fine get the 965